Entry #21

In with the new

2015-05-15 03:02:12 by Masculine

It feels good to be sketching again. I've been in the web development arena for so long now that I forget to have fun.


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2017-11-10 15:46:44

Oh hey, you're the guy who made that nose guy! Name seemed familiar.

Still sketching anything? Animating? Making games? Audio? While since the latest...

Masculine responds:

Hey Man! It's awesome to see you're still around. Your new Inktober art is great!

I've had some ideas brewing for a while but adulthood keeps getting in the way :P. Hopefully I can get some projects going sooner rather than later.. maybe 2018 will be the year.


2017-11-12 05:05:56

Oh hey thanks! :D Didn't know you'd seen 'em, you didn't leave any review by any chance hmm hmm? ;)

Looking forward to it if you get around to it! I know how it is, plenty of plans but too short days, happy to still have time for this place at all... and probably still spend too much time here considering what time's available and how else I could spend it. XD