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In with the new

2015-05-15 03:02:12 by Masculine

It feels good to be sketching again. I've been in the web development arena for so long now that I forget to have fun.


2014-04-16 18:52:51 by Masculine

Hello TheStarSyndicate, I am back.

3 years

2013-11-11 05:15:22 by Masculine

It's been almost 3 years now since I've made a new animation. Maybe it's time..


2008-12-09 03:19:10 by Masculine

Been really busy with work lately and havent had much time to get on Newgrounds or really do any new animations.

Hopefully things will slow down and I get some more free time.

Photoshop #9

2008-09-30 10:59:52 by Masculine

Haven't posted any in a while.

Photoshop #9

Random Society

2008-08-24 01:24:08 by Masculine

Go check it out, submit your crap to the all AJAX portal.

Photoshop #8

2008-07-28 15:58:15 by Masculine

Made for Random Society Photoshop Contest.

Photoshop #8

Non-Photoshop #2

2008-07-20 18:06:43 by Masculine

It's Meatwad!

Non-Photoshop #2

New Shirt

2008-07-11 23:59:15 by Masculine

Random Society T-Shirt.

New Shirt


2008-07-06 03:23:24 by Masculine

Three days.